A critical part of the training process, practicing with focus mitts allows fighters to work on developing their speed, punching techniques and reflexes, helping them improve as athletes in a variety of ways. Boxing Gloves online offers a range of boxing and Thai pads for sale, helping fighters across a variety of disciplines become the best they can be.

Sourced from respected sports equipment manufacturers including Adidas, Everlast and Punch Equipment, pads from Boxing Gloves Online deliver an exceptional standard of quality in any setting. Training with pads can increase the accuracy, precision and power of a fighter’s strikes, and is a fantastic opportunity for a coach to closely assess the technique of a fighter. Consider making our focus pads and Muay Thai kick pads part of your home or commercial gym and browse our collection today.  

Everything from kicking pads to fight wear to weight training equipment

We’re passionate about combat sports, and want to make it easy for athletes of all experience levels across a variety of disciplines to get the equipment they need to get the most from their training. Our team is made up of experienced fighters who share your love for the sport, and can help you find the most suitable product for your goals.

Order today for fast delivery anywhere in Australia, or get in touch with any questions over the phone on +61-412 804 720. You can also reach us through our enquiry page or via email at info@boxingglovesonline.com.au.  

Features: Oversized teardrop pad Compact EVA foam padding with padded palm and grip ball PU3G exterior Supersoft hand cage One size fits all
Features: Adidas Focus Mitts & 12oz Boxing Glove. Black & Red. High density 'G9SX' foam padding for great shock absorbency. Padded palm for comfort and secure grip. Light-weight PU hand pocket Red contrast stitching.
Features: Buff leather/PU curved mitt Designed for heavy workload Small and lightweight Gel padding on face of mitt and inside of wrist Large internal grip ball Enclosed finger protection Wrist strap for maximum stability
Features: New 2014 ColoUrway Curved 9” mitt 100% PU exterior with polyester lining EVA and polymax foam pad Padded palm with grip ball Supersoft hand cage One size fits all
Features: Professional grade focus mitt Cowhide Pad and glove. Heavily padded EVA foam. Enclosed finger hand cage with Climacool, and moisture wicking palm fabric. Maximum shock absorption to minimise arm and shoulder injuries. Large grip ball Wrist hook...
Features: Leather version of adibac011 Compact, curved 9” mitt High qaulity leather exterior with hi density foam padding. EVA and polymax foam pad Padded palm with large grip ball Supersoft hand cage One size fits all