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Green Hill Double End Ball Delta BEBB-5113


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Greenhill’s double end speedball is a good quality, heavy duty speedball made of genuine leather to give advanced punching and training options to athlete. It’s tough construction and double stitching promises strength, speed and unbeatable durability. Advanced KMT-finishing makes it partial water proof and highly resistant to wrinkles, prepares it look as good as new for longer period of time. Being build with natural fibers it prevents skin itch, skin tears and rashes. It’s ideal weight assures lightening fast rebounds allowing athlete to focus on faster hand speed, timing and punching co-ordination. It can be hanged according to the height of athlete or the opponent thus giving athlete the feeling of real competition. Top extra thick short genuine leather loops and the top and bottom make the moving of ball not only less noisy and also give the fighter a great action. If you are a beginner or you want to work on your speed and rhythm than this double end speed ball bag is ideal for you it allows athlete to practice all kinds of punches from jabs to uppercuts.

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