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Leone Black & White Boxing Gloves GN059


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“Black” like the darkness of gloom,
“White” like the light that instills calm and serenity. These
gloves represent the opposites attract and then complete each
other. Black is able to give strenght and determination, white
is sophisticated and pure. They are ideal for all disciplines that
need grips at close quarters such as Muay Thai and K1, at the
top of these synthetic leather gloves there is an additional layer
of shaped padding which protects the wrist and keeps your joints

Leone Black & White Boxing Gloves GN059 Reviews

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Leone mits

Posted by Ben Kidd B on Aug 11, 2018

To describe me as amateur is probably already quite generous. I’m very new to boxing is what I’m trying to say and so these are the first proper gloves I’ve owned. I went for the 16 oz, mainly because I’m quite a large dude and presumed higher number=larger gloves. Not sure if this is correct but these gloves fit sweet. So sweet in fact that I’m always a bit sad when it’s coming towards the end of my session and I know I’ll soon have to take them off.