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Compact Design: 19 inch. heigh and 15 inch. widthLaptop sleeve insideStrong and endurable zippersOne side pocket for music player with ear plug exit (Normal iPhone can fit in)One mesh for bottle of waterBack support paddingVinly bottom
Fairtex Gym Bag is made from premium grade waterproof nylon and features lockable zippers, mobile pouch, wet clothes and shoe compartments, and ear plug exit. Made from premium grade waterproof nylon. Lockable zippers. Wet clothes and shoe compartments...
Features: Fairtex Sach Bag features a vented mesh lining and is perfect for carrying your wet gloves and hand wraps after a hard training session. Vented mesh lining Perfect for carrying wet gloves and hand wraps
Features: Hykso
Classic jump rope made from genuine leather with precision ball bearing handles for extra speed and a contoured comfortable grip.  Made from genuine leather Precision bearing handles Ergonomic foam grip One-year warranty 9 ft...
Sport backpack bag in anti-tear material, retractable straps. Height: 30 cmCapacity: 70 litersLength: 90 cmDepth: 25 cm
Ultra durable and compact polyester bag. Very useful to carry all your own accessories. The side laces facilitate the closure. Complete with pocket for documents with zip.
Gym bag made of ultradurable 600D nylon.
Lightweight and durable, this body armor offers the most complete protection of the trunk of the trainer. The anatomical shape and the multilayered padding allow an excellent impact absorption even during the preparation of professional athletes...
Camouflage 600D nylon bag.  
The two key concepts at the base of the PRO PRO design are elegance and functionality. Elegance in the details, in in the chromed extra size zip for greater strength and duration, in the gold prints "LEONE 1947" and glossy black "WE ARE COMBAT SPORTS"...
This sports bag, made in CORDURA® to stands abrasions and tears, is perfect for all kind of physical activity. The ventilation system applied on the side pocket allows to bring shoes and technical apparel after training. Textured PVC and nylon...
The new sportsman bag is totally in CORDURA, a special Nylon66 which stands abrasions and tears. This material is one of the most strong tissues currently on the market. Thanks to its capacity and handiness, this bag is essential for those who...
To satisfy the needs of every athlete and trainer even outside the gym, Leone 1947 has created the first multifunction trolley 100% Cordura® with large capacity (90 litres). This model has a main superior pocket with wide perimeter zip, perfect for...
FEATURES Size: 3ft Extra large Shoulder strap Pull tight eyelets at top MATERIAL - Nylon Mesh BEST APPLICATION Bulk gear transportation and allows ventilation - drying COLOURS Black with white stitching
FEATURES Size: 2ft Personal, 3ft Extra large Shoulder strap Pull tight eyelets at top MATERIAL - Nylon Mesh BEST APPLICATION Bulk gear transportation and allows ventilation - drying COLOURS Black with white stitching
Features: No Stink Deodoriser; the perfect solution for extending the life of your sports gloves, whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free! After your training session, simply place the deodorising pouches inside your sports gloves. The natural...
Features: No Stink Deodoriser; the perfect solution for removing unwanted smells and moisture from luggage, drawers, sports gloves, shoes and much more
Features: No Stink Sports Bag Deodoriser; simply keep the Sports Bag Deodoriser inside of your gym bag to keep it dry and smelling fresh. The natural properties of the charcoal pouches will absorb the moisture inside your bag and kill the bacteria that...
Features: AAA Rated Sponsorship Gloves White only Lace-up closure Full attached thumbs SIZE:10oz
Features: Illustrated by step by step images in full colour Handwrapping, Padwork, Warmups, Skipping, 8 Basic Punches, Footwork, Bag Use, Equipment Selection plus much more