Heavy Duty Door Anchor for Resistance Bands. Can be used with either tube bands or loop bands. Door Anchors are ideal for a home gym, a portable gym, or to add extra resistance training to any workout routine. Door Anchor come in Heavy Duty...
Features: Level 2 Resistance Bands Set are engineered for: Strength & Conditioning. Featuring Three Levels Of Resistance, Evergrip Foam Handles, Ideal For Exercising While Traveling.
Features: Level 2 Shadow Boxer are engineered for: Strength & Conditioning. Featuring Evergrip Handles, Soft Foam Back Protector, Perfect For Adding Resistance To Shadow Boxing Resistance To Push Ups And More
This medium professional-grade stretch bands by Xpeed were created from the highest quality latex rubber for heightened durability, elasticity, and preservation. Deliver great benefits to users of all ages. Tones & Sculpts Muscle Without Adding...
Ergonomically designed foam grip handles for a custom, cushioned feel.Portable for on-the-go training. Included training card. Ideal for upper and lower body exercises. Woven fabric brand which wont pull against hair or skin High quality resistance tube...
A great training aid used for strengthening, toning or rehabilitation.