Accessories Extra Heavy Duty Chain and Swivel
COLOUR: Black SIZES: One Size Fits All - Adjustable Velcro strap
LADIES SPORTS BRA COLOURS: Black only SIZES: 6-8 (SMALL) Side micro mesh panels
FEATURES Size: 2ft Personal, 3ft Extra large Shoulder strap Pull tight eyelets at top MATERIAL - Nylon Mesh BEST APPLICATION Bulk gear transportation and allows ventilation - drying COLOURS Black...
FEATURES Various Colours Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
FEATURES Velcro wrist strap Precision pad Pre curved face to catch punches Double stitched Ambidextrous
Black only Authentic Thai Style - Extra Thick SIZE: S, M, L, XL BEST APPLICATION Thai Kickboxing
FEATURES AAA Rated State of the art version 15, 3 tonne injected moulds 3rd Generation Injected armadillo padding - fist and thumb Completely reshaped 2015 model for arguably the best fitting glove...
Features: AAA Rated Sponsorship Gloves White only Lace-up closure Full attached thumbs SIZE:10oz
FEATURES AAA Rated Full Velcro Solid Wrap Wrist Pre-curved regulation 3cm padding Handmade Delux Style MATERIAL - Commercial Enduro Pre tested for over 10 years SIZE: S, M, L, XL BEST...
FEATURES Punchtexâ„¢ Single extra wide wide velcro waist band BEST APPLICATION - GYMS Boxing Padwork BEST APPLICATION - RETAIL Lowest profile belly pad Ideal for fitness personal...
FEATURES Material: Punchtex with twinvelcro straps Waist to sternum coverage BEST APPLICATION - GYMS Boxing / Muay Thai professional combat, padwork, training drills BEST APPLICATION - RETAIL Very...
FEATURES Pre-curved face Gel sweet spot in palm Latex Padding Velcro secured strap - Fits all hand sizes Covered fingers Super soft palm ball for grip/control MATERIAL: Genuine extra thick leather...
FEATURES AAA rated padding for heavy hitters Delux padded palms with Punchcool Plush sweat wicking padded linings Full wrap velcro wrist Full attached thumbs MATERIAL - Leather (extra thick) BEST...
FEATURES AAA Punch Rated Lace top, velcro back Punchcool Plush - Sweat wicking panels MATERIAL - Leather SIZE: Adult BEST APPLICATION - GYMS Excellent vision, protection and ventilation Sparring when...
AAA Black Diamond Rated Meshed laminated ripstop with Punchtex reinforced panels Pre curved - extra thick Max hi-density foam plus anti cork barrier SIZE: 15h x 15w x 73L BEST APPLICATION - GYMS...
Features: Designed in Thailand Flesh like paddings Velcro Locking rolla straps Material - Punchtex Size: Precision IMPORTANT NOTICE: Thai pads require special skills. Best Application for Gyms...
FEATURES AAA Rated with instep protection Authentic Thailand design Punchtex with plush lining Extra hard Armadillo injected padding SIZE: M, L, XL BEST APPLICATION - GYMS Compulsory for shin to shin...
FEATURES AAA Black Diamond Rated Designed in Thailand 100%Punchtex Rubber Padding Velcro Locking straps Material- Leather Size Med/Large BEST APPLICATION - GYMS Professional Muay Thai Fight training...