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SafeJawz Fangs Mouth Guard Black/White


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SafeJawz Fangs Mouthguard

Safejawz are made of a dual layer compound that allows for the ideal thickness to protect in all sports while providing a comfortable, firm fit.

The protection offered is increased through the intergrated Molar Bite Pads which absorb the impact from upward impacts while stabilising the jaw.

Safejawz come in a handy travel case because your Mouthguard will only look after you, if you look after it.

Athletes are trying more and more to stand out from their peers and find new ways to show their personality as they perform.

Safejawz give wearers that freedom. Safejawz Protection with Personality

Comes with clear protective case

SafeJawz Fangs Mouth Guard Black/White Reviews

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Mouth Guard

Posted by Sam on Apr 27, 2019

Comfy and great protection